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Rebekah Roberts

Exclusive care for you

Underarms $15-$18

Bikini $30-$45

Brazilian $50- $70

Full legs $70-$100

1/2 legs $40-$65

Full arms $45-$55

​1/2 arms $30- $40

 All Services Offered

  Somatic Experiencing​ (the mind-body connection) S.E.

Restore self-regulation to your body, return to a sense of aliveness, have relaxation, and have wholeness. S.E. is a body-awareness approach. S.E. is a practice of conscious embodiment that uses the client's felt sense (the sensations of what is being felt in the body). Typically a session allows the client to experience his, or her process without physical involvement by the practitioner. However, when necessary the practitioner may use supportive touch.

 30 minutes $45          1 hour $75             $20/extra 30 minutes         Sliding Scale is available    

    Personal Training & Weight Loss Management

Your personal fitness goals are important to me. I work with individuals to achieve their unique fitness goals and with his or her challenges in mind. I will assess and create a fitness plan that is right for you. If you are interested I also have group activities once a month that are free to whomever wants to join. 

30 minutes $45          1 hour $75               $20/extra 30 minutes                 Sliding Scale is available 

All Waxing Needs

Brows $18-$20                                                                             Back; Stomach; Chest $40-$70 (each)

Lips $10                                                                                           

Checks $12-15                                                                                      

Chin $10-$15                                                                                   

Sideburns $10                                                                               

Whole Face $45                                                                               


Simple Facials 

Whether your skin type is oily, dry, acnaic, or aging, I will custom design your Simple Facial for your personal needs after your skin analysis.

Relaxation Facial: provides relaxation, while cleaning, exfoliating, & hydrating and increasing circulation to your skin. DOES NOT INCLUDE EXTRACTIONS

     30 minutes $45       1 hour $70

     1 hour and 30 minutes $90

Includes: light hand and foot massage with warm gloves and booties! 

Deep Cleaning Facial: provides relaxation, while deeply cleaning, exfoliating, & hydrating and increasing circulation to your skin. INCLUDES EXTRACTIONS

     30 minutes $55       1 hour $80

     1 hour and 30 minutes $100

Includes: light hand and foot massage with warm gloves and booties! 

currently i do not offer glycolic or peels.

However; your skin care needs are important to me and i will do my best to help you fulfill them. 

Body Treatments

Back :  This is a wonderful treatment when you want to deep clean your back! Extractions of clogged pores will be done if needed. Also includes: light hand                and foot massage.

     1 hour $60

Full Body Mud Mask: This is a multiple beneficial treatment! Mud is rich with enzymes and minerals, which helps nourish the skin and body. It also helps                      relieve stress, and reducing inflammation. There are many more benefits to mud. Mud is the what life steams from; all food, trees, and flowers grow                in the mud!

     1 hour and 30 minute $150

Baby Bottom (gluts only): This is a treatment that will leave your bottom clean, privacy draping assured, extractions of clogged pores (if needed). Also                includes: light hand and foot massage. 

     1 hour $60

Full Body Salt Scrub: This is a exhilarating treatment when you want to cleanse away the old skin to reveal the fresh clean skin. Salt is a great detoxifier                    and is wonderful for oily skin. 

     1 hour $80

Full Body Sugar Scrub: This is a stimulating treatment much like a Salt Scrub Treatment.  Sugar is a great hydrator and is wonderful for all skin types. 

       1 hour $80

Full Body Raindrop(TM) Aroma Therapy: This treatment is designed to bring balance and relaxation to your body and mind. It includes a variety of                             essential oils that are applied with various techniques. 

      1 hour $100

Hand or Feet: These are excellent add-ons, or can be treatments on to themselves.

               When done as an add-on: it is a light massage.

      15 minutes $15 (each - hand or feet) 

               When done as treatments they are done with you fully clothed. These include cleansing, exfoliating, light massage, hydrating mask, &                                      moisturizing the area(s) you have chosen. 

      30 minutes $30                   45 minutes $45                1 hour $60

Hand and Feet: includes cleaning, exfoliating, light massage, hydrating mask, & moisturizing. When done as a treatment this is done fully clothed. 

       30 minutes $40                  45 minutes $55                 1 hour $70

Additional Services:

Fitness Parties: for group of 2 to 6 people. We would go to a group member's house or we can meet at a public place. This is an opportunity to play and have fun while                      getting fit.

     Prices vary

Home Calls: for individuals for only Personal Training or Somatic Experiencing Services. It is illegal in the state of California for a licensed Esthetician to work out of                 peoples homes.

     Prices vary