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Rebekah Roberts

Exclusive care for you

Hand and Feet:

This includes cleaning, exfoliating, light massage, hydrating mask, & moisturizing. When done as a treatment this is done fully clothed. 

30 minutes $45                  45 minutes $55                 1 hour $70

Hand or Feet: 

These are excellent add-ons, or can be treatments on to themselves. When done as an add-on: it is a light massage.

15 minutes $15 (each - hand or feet) 

When done as treatments they are done with you fully clothed. These include cleansing, exfoliating, light massage, hydrating mask, & moisturizing the area(s) you have chosen. 

30 minutes $30                  45 minutes $45                1 hour $60

Full Body Raindrop(TM) Aroma Therapy:

This treatment is designed to bring balance and relaxation to your body and mind. It includes a variety of essential oils that are applied with various techniques.

1 hour $100

Full Body Sugar Scrub: 

This is a stimulating treatment much like a Salt Scrub Treatment.  Sugar is a great hydrator and is wonderful for all skin types. 

1 hour $80

Full Body Salt Scrub: 

This is a exhilarating treatment when you want to cleanse away the old skin to reveal the fresh clean skin. Salt is a great detoxifier and is wonderful for oily skin. 

1 hour $80

Baby Bottom (gluts only): 

This is a treatment that will leave your bottom clean, privacy draping assured, extractions of clogged pores (if needed), also includes: light hand and foot massage. 

1 hour $60

Full Body Mud Mask: 

This is a multiple beneficial treatment! Mud is rich with enzymes and minerals, which helps nourish the skin and body. It also helps relieve stress, and reducing inflammation. There are many more benefits to mud. Mud is what life steams from; all food, trees, and flowers grow in the mud!

1 hour and 30 minute $150

Back :  

This is a wonderful treatment when you want to deep clean your back! Extractions of clogged pores will be done if needed. Also includes: light hand and foot massage.

1 hour $60

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