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Veterinarians and other animal care providers, too!

Love is in the air 

5% off all services for students

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Personal Training & Weight Loss:

Pre-Pay Package for only $250:
Free 1hr. fitness assessment
4 1hr. sessions 
Increase your flexibility, cardiorespiratory, & Strength
You save $125!!!!

Your Esthetic Needs:

Pre-Pay waxings, facials, or Body Treatments: You pre-pay for how many waxings, facials, or body treatments you want in advance and receive 5% off the total. 

Combo services: If you combined esthetic services you will 3% off the total.

Somatic Experiencing:

Pre-Pay Package for only $200:
1 Free 30 minute session
4 1hr. sessions 
Increase your ability to relax, feel more present, & self-regulate
You save $135!!!!

All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable 

10% off all services for seniors

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Helping someone feel good is a gift in itself 

​​These specials can not be combined with other specials. All specials are single specials only and can not be combined. Thank you